Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you comply with the construction industry regulations?

Nearly every month there is a health and safety fatality in the construction industry. This industry is one of the most closely monitored by the Department of Labour. If you haven’t had a visit from an inspector yet, you will soon. During 2006/7: • 1 230 prohibition notices stopped workplace operations. • A further 10 949 notices were served for contraventions in health and safety. • Inspectors visited 29 161 employers – that’s 111 inspections every working day! Are you ready for such an inspection? Check if you have done ALL of these things: * Do you have Health and Safety specifications and plans for your constructions sites? * Have you made all the necessary legal appointments? * Have you conducted a risk assessment before and during commencement of construction work? * Have you notified the Department of Labour of the construction work? * Can you prove that you gave each employee safety induction training? * Are all your employees working in elevated positions in possession of a medical fitness certificate? * Is your construction site fenced off to prevent unauthorised access? * Do you have a safety file on site with all the relevant documentation? * Do you inspect formwork and support work structures immediately before, during and after the placement of concrete and thereafter daily until the structure is removed? * Have you done a fall protection plan for your site? * Do you have an emergency evacuation plan for your site? * Have you appointed a stacking and storage supervisor? * Do your construction vehicles comply with what is legally required? * Have all competencies been verified and recorded? These are some of the questions which you will have to answer if you are one of the employers visited. Give us a call today and let us help you take the fear out of inspection.

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