Saturday, May 30, 2009

Global economic impact on SA Construction

This video interview was published in the Engineering news today and it would do all safety practitioners good to view it. We all know that safety is the first to go when there is a money pinch - now is the time to get that thinking cap out and start working on some innovative ways of ensuring that your safety gives you the edge in what will become a cut throat competition for local work. Budgets will be cut and tenders trimmed - the squeeze will be on the worker, who will have to absorb the unnecessary exposures created by this competitive environment, unless you are ready to market health and safety as a viable, profit generating part of your organizations setup, or will you simply step back and give up? At Inga Health and Safety people are our passion and we can assist you to maintain your momentum and safety growth through this period of uncertainty. Let us help you to keep your safety journey on track.

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